Why should I become certified in SAFe®?

The reasons why people choose to earn any certification are as varied as the people themselves.  That said, those interested in SAFe® certification can typically be divided into two camps:  Current and aspiring Agile coaches and consultants who are sharpening their skills and staying at the leading edge of Agile methodologies; and those embarking in a SAFe® transformation who need training to effectively play their roles.  If you are not familiar with SAFe®, please take a few moments to read through a brief explanation here.  Regardless of which camp you fall in, here are some of the reasons you should become certified in SAFe®:

    For large-scale software efforts, team-level Agile is insufficient.
    You'll learn an Agile scaling methodology in use worldwide that is rapidly gaining in popularity across industries and government agencies.
    The U.S. Federal Government is embracing Agile and SAFe®.